|3Dモデル|3D Model| Eno

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Completely custom-made Tactical 3D Avatar model for VRChat!

Operator Eno is pack full of features from a vast selection of equipment and colors to Eno's signature Rifle-Pistol transition feature for VRChat. Additionally, for hobbyists, animators and content creators, Blender, 3DS Max, and Substance Painter files are provided for in-depth customization and fine-tuning of every aspect on Eno.

VRChat features:

  • dedicated Unity Package for publishing Eno.
  • Interactable Rifle and Pistol. Working optics and weapon handling.
  • Rifle-Pistol Quick Transition interaction.
  • ShadeLighting. Switch between shaders to present Eno optimally in any VRChat world lighting.
  • Color wheel and brightness sliders. Change the color of Eno and her equipment to present a unique flair.
  • Toggleable equipment and weapons. Hide and Show select assets on Eno.
  • Technical lipsync and viseme toggles. Ability to toggle on/off expressions and lip sync for masks and shooting.
  • Integrated Poiyomi 8.1 Free Version.

Additional content:

  • Blender 3.6 file, Substance Painter 2024 file, 3DS Max 2024 file.
  • Texture folders for all assets involving Eno and her equipment.

Required assets for VRChat:

  • VRChat Creator Companion
  • Unity 2022.3.6f1

Product Package details:

  • 3DS Max, Blender, Substance Painter, and base texture folders.
  • ENO_pack.Unitypackage, README, and TC files.

VRChat Avatar Statistics:

  • Perfomance: VeryPoor
  • Polygons: 220,031
  • Material Slots: 40
  • Skinned Mesh Renderers: 13
  • Bones: 265

Terms & Conditions

In accordance to all original assets used for the model, upon using anything provided by the virtual item, you agree to

the following use term sections:

1. Resale and sharing of any assets used in this purchase is explicitly not allowed.

2. Changes and updates to the model will be made accordingly over time when needed.

3. Use of model outside of VRChat is permitted.

4. Individual customization/modification of the model is permitted. Reminder that section 1 of the terms & conditions is still enforced.

5. All assets are provided as is.

For any questions, please contact my Twitter (X)!

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Tactical Operator Eno with abundant weapons handling features for VRChat and additional files for customization.

Weapons Handling
shoot, zoom, swap, reload
Color Wheels
and Brighness sliders
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|3Dモデル|3D Model| Eno

10 ratings
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